Tuesday, 29 September 2009

As one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, Turkey is a country mixed with traditional Islamic culture and a European cosmopolitan vibe, where ancient ruins rest beside some of the globe's most stunning holiday resorts.

The old culture of Turkey is blessed with a wealth of archaeological delights. Many ancient cultures, including Greeks & Romans, ruled the Byzantine Empire in Turkey at one point or another and some of the most beautiful ruins still stand for tourists to marvel at and take in the cultures that once existed here.

Turkey holidays remain among the most fashionable beach holiday destinations in Europe and it's really no wonder why, with the incredible Mediterranean coast with beaches and amenities. Not lacking in anything required by the average holidaymaker, the sun in the Summer is what most people visit Turkey to enjoy. This and the natural beauty of Marmaris, Oludeniz, Kalkan and picturesque Akyaka encourage millions of visitors every year.

If you choose a holiday in Turkey, you're sure to find reasonably priced accommodation to suit your needs, as well. The Turkish capital of Istanbul, a vibrant destination, is where you'll find the mosques and shopping malls. Bartering for souvenirs in the Grand Bazaar, take a stroll along the ancient walls of Istanbul, full of wonder and marvel at the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet. If you prefer a relaxing break, kick back and relax with a traditional Turkish coffee - the city has a flavour it's impossible to forget.

Everyone who visits Turkey returns home with the intention to visit again, thanks to the the welcoming locals and accommodating hotel staff, world reknowned for being among the most friendly and helpful in the world.

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