Thursday, 17 September 2009

Getting to Hagia Sophia from Istanbul Airport

It's easy to get to any Turkish destination near Istanbul from Istanbul airport, including Hagia Sophia, Beyoglu, Taksim, Eyup and Ortakoy.

Booking a hotel in Istanbul online will inevitably lead to offers of an airport-to-hotel transfer, taking approximately 45 minutes. If you would like to book an airport transfer, a simple search on Google for cheap airport transfers turkey returns a list of the most popular agents providing transfers.

Hagia Sophia is probably one of the most popular attractions in Turkey, due to its fine architecture and art. The dome of Hagia Sophia church is huge, towering 64 metres from the ground & 32 metres wide. The church was converted as a mosque and now remains as a museum of Istanbul. If you can, it's widely recommended that you take a full day to explore everything there. It can be expensive, so firstly ask your hotel if they do city tours that include the museum.

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